Sermon Title
Bible Passage
Sermon Summary
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2021-01-03Rev. Dr. James HarrichandWorthy of Our CallingEphesians 4:1's Date
2021-01-10Pastor SandraAll for One, and One for AllEphesians 4:2-6
2021-01-17Rev. Dr. James HarrichandA Healthy Church: Diversity, Unity, MaturityEphesians 4:7-16's Date
2021-01-24Heusen Lam Old Self, New SelfEphesians 4:17-28
2021-01-31Rev. Miles ValleyUnderstanding Spiritual TruthJohn 6:60-71
2021-02-07Rev. Dr. James HarrichandLiving as the Dearly Loved Children of GodEphesians 4:29-5:2
2021-02-14Pastor Heusen LamWalking wellEphesians 5:1-20Not available
2021-02-21Dr. Daniel WongCarrying Out of Current Responsibilities 1 Peter 4:7-11
2021-02-28Pastor Sandra FungThe Lord's Rule and Reign in Our LivesEphesians 5:21-33; 6:1-9
2021-03-07Rev. Dr. James HarrichandPreparing for BattleEphesians 6:10-24
2021-03-14Rev. Miles ValleyThe Person and Work of ChristJohn 7:26-36
2021-03-21Rev. Dr. James HarrichandWhat Are You Waiting For?Nehemiah 1:1-11
2021-03-28Pastor Heusen LamTrusting with our WorkNehemiah 2:1-9
2021-04-04Pastor Heusen LamEaster SundayJohn 20
2021-04-11Rev. Dr. James HarrichandCome, Let us RebuildNehemiah 2:10-20
2021-04-18Rev. Barry DuguidA Time to RejoiceNehemiah 1, 12, 13
2021-04-25Rev. Dr. Michael LauThe Resurrected CommunityRomans 12: 1-3
2021-05-02Rev. Dr. James HarrichandCome, Let us Rebuild - 2: TeamworkNehemiah 3:1-32
2021-05-09Pastor Sandra FungAll Called to Spiritual Parenting - Part 12 Timothy 1:1-14; 3:10-17
2021-05-16Pastor Heusen LamCollective teamwork in face of trialNehemiah 4
2021-05-23Rev. Dr. James HarrichandConflict ResolutionNehemiah 5:1-19
2021-05-30Dr. Dennis NgienA Spiritual Compass: Differences that CountEphesians 3:14-21
2021-06-06Rev. Dr. James HarrichandEnemy Tactics and Biblical Defensive StrategiesNehemiah 6: 1-19
2021-06-13Rev. Miles ValleyThe Healing of the Man Born BlindJohn 9:1-12