The Outreach Ministry includes a number of ministries that allow both believers and those who are exploring Christianity to come and grow on their faith-seeking journey. The following areas are the essential parts of the Outreach Ministry:

Seekers Program
What is “Seekers Program”? If you want to know the value of life, who’s the true God, why you have to know Him. The Seekers Program is for you. We will let you know the answer to these questions through music, drama, short message and group discussion. Come and join us.
Seekers Service & Information The Seekers Service exists to explore life questions in a casual, relaxed atmosphere but positive and relevant way such as:
• Does God exist?
• What is the purpose of life?
• Where will I be?
• How do I find God?
• Is there One Way to God?
• Is the Bible reliable?

Local Outreach
It usually encompasses a variety of programs and activities, connecting people with God. A few examples are Wednesday evangelical bible study night, Summer Gospel camp, Evangelistic evening special programs, Christmas Gospel banquet.

Kids Clubhouse in the Summer

Join us for another summer of Kids Clubhouse!

Same as previous years, there will be two sessions:

  • First Session: Two weeks in July (following the Canada Day week)
  • Second Session: Next two weeks in July and early August

There will be a daily Bible lesson and many other interesting activities.

Check out the information and registration forms from our most recent Kids Clubhouse sessions: HERE

Community Outreach
Please visit “Community Services” for more information.