“Let us arise and rebuild !” [ 我們起來建做吧 ! ]


  1. 在現任服務的六位執事中,三位執事(徐朱浩雯Judy Tsui,謝文煥Man-woon Tse,陳永法Andrew Chan)任期將於2021/12/31 屆滿, 三人都可以再次被提名執事,其他三位執事李仕宏 Norman Li, 馬梁寶儀Josephine Ma和李振良Patrick Lee 將在2022年底完成他們的任期。為符合教會會章,為未來的執事任期過渡人數平衡比例做準備,2022會有四個三年任期的執事職位開放,任期為1/1/2022-12/31/2024年。
  1. 凡18歲及以上本會會友,每人可提交一份「提名表」,書面提名必須在表格上簽名,才被視為有效的提名表。電子表格必須由提名人提交。
  1. 所有候選人之提名,每一位被提名者最少要被5位會友提名,被提名者須經由教牧同工組織的一個執事選立委員會核淮,方被列入甄選名單。
  1. 候選人資格:執事之職責是協助牧師處理一切對會眾靈命有益之事,並一同商議教會之治理,教會異象及方向,候選人必須符合下列各基本條件:
    • 在本會之會藉至少三年。
    • 曾是實習執事,或最好是有積極參與領導層的教會事奉,如事工部門值理, 統籌,或信託委員。其事奉及領袖才能得到同工和會眾的認受。
    • 符合聖經中 使徒行傳6:1-3及提摩太前書 3:8-13所列舉的資格。
    • 明白及完全支持本教會事工哲學。
    • 有成熟的靈命,善於處理人際關係,具有群體合作精神,並具領袖之質素。
    • 已婚者應是基督化家庭的建立者,其配偶必須為本會會友。未婚者必須遵守聖經原則,約會時應以基督徒為約會交往的對象,並過著良好的家庭生活。
    • 夫婦二人不能同時擔當執事。
  1. 提名者資格 : 請參照值理及事工統籌提名表
  1. 請為提名選 立執事禱告並慎重考慮提名適當人選, 「提名表」必須於2021919或以前投入教會提名表收集箱內/提交網上提名表。多謝合作。
  1. 2021年最新活躍會友名單可參閱教會網頁, 教會張貼展示板或教會提供的網上提名資料。 (TBD)

Richmond Hill (Chinese) Baptist Church

  1. Amongst the six deacons who are currently serving, three deacons (Judy Tsui, Man-woon Tse, Andrew Chan) will finish their term by the end of 2021, and all three of them can be re-elected. The other three deacons, Norman Li, Josephine Ma and Patrick Lee, will finish their term in 2022. To comply with church constitution in preparing for a proper ratio in future deacon term transition, four deacon positions will be open with a three-year term serving from 1/1/2022 to 12/31/2024.
  1. Each RHCBC member (age 18 and older) has the right to submit one Deacon Nomination Form. All written forms must be signed to be valid. Electronic forms must be submitted by nominator.
  1. All nominees have to be nominated by at least 5 church members in order to be qualified for consideration. All nominees must have the approval from the Deacon Election Committee called by the pastoral team.
  1. Qualifications for nomination: The responsibility of a deacon is to assist pastors in all matters relating to the spiritual growth of all congregation members. A deacon will take part in determining the vision, the direction and the operation of our church. Each nominee must be:
    • Church membership for at least three years.
    • Has been a deacon intern or has been actively involved in church ministries in leadership level, such as ministry head, coordinator, or trustee. His/her involvement in leadership has been well accepted by fellow-workers and congregation.
    • Meets the qualifications of a deacon as set forth in the bible Acts 6:1-3; I Timothy 3:8-13
    • Understands and fully supports the ministry philosophy of the church.
    • Spiritually mature and demonstrates leadership qualities, strong team-work abilities and can handle personal relationship tactfully.
    • If married, spouse must also be a church member. If single, he/she must follow biblical principles and select a Christian in a dating relationship.
    • Husband and wife cannot serve in the deacon’s board at the same time.
  1. Nominator qualification: Please reference nomination form for Executive Board Ministry Leaders.
  1. Please prayerfully consider your nominations and drop off your signed nomination form into the nomination collection box at church, or submit your online nomination form on or before 09/19/2021
  1. For the latest church membership list, please refer to the church website, church bulletin board or AGM nomination package. (TBD)

2021 AGM Planning Committee