Our goal is to continually educate and nurture our fellow brothers and sisters so that they may continue to grow in the Lord. As the needs of different age groups differ, we offer different classes to meet the needs of these groups within our congregation.

Grade 7 to 12

This age group makes up the majority of our congregation’s demographics. Essentially we have 6 years to teach a person from grade 7 to grade 12 before he/she goes off to attend college/university. At the end of the 6 years, we have to ask ourselves, what have we taught him/her? What kind of Christian would we like to have seen this person become?

Discipleship Class

This class is designed to meet the needs of those who are relatively new Christians, those who might be seeking to learn more about Christ, or for those who benefit from learning on a more focused topic and smaller class size.


This class is designed to share and discuss topics, issues, and challenges that surround post-secondary school life; while meeting the needs to grow and nurture the spiritual life of the college/university students.

Young Career

It’s quite overwhelming to step into the working force for the first time. This class is designed to discuss some of those challenges, and act as a support group. There is also more focus on spiritual growth as people in this age group are relied upon to take up more active roles as leaders among the congregation.


It’s hard to find time when you have both a career and a family to look after. This class focuses on challenges this life stage faces, such as finding time to serve or even just to have time to spend with God while juggling everything else in between.