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Bible Passage
Sermon Summary
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2017-01-01Rev. Barry DuguidHoly, Holy, Holy 敬拜聖哉三一1 Peter
1:13-16's Date
2017-01-08Rev. Barry DuguidThe Church is OneJohn 17:20-25
2017-01-15Rev. Barry DuguidUnited in the TruthJohn 18:35-40's Date
2017-01-22Rev. Barry DuguidWhat did Jesus say on Marriage, Divorce & Remarriage?Matthew 9:1-11
2017-01-29Chris KamMarks of a True ChurchMatthew 26:6-13; 1 Corinthians 4:16-17; 2 Peter 1:3-4
2017-02-05Rev. Barry DuguidThe Visible and Invisible ChurchMatthew: 13:24-30
2017-02-12Rev. Barry DuguidThe Church is HolyEzekiel 47:6-12How can the church possibly be holy? Holiness comes from a touch of God.
2017-02-19Dr. Dennis NgienOh to Be Like ChristEphesians 4:32-5:2Not Available, as requested by speaker
2017-02-26Rev. Bernard SinChurch's Responsiblity to the World1 Peter 2:9-10Our biblical identity and our purpose as Christias is to PROCLAIM the excellence of God to ALL peopleNot Available
2017-03-05Rev. Barry DuguidThe Church Officers1 Timothy 3: 1-13; Titus 1: 5-9
2017-03-12Isaac LingGreat Expectations - Servants of the LordMatthew 10:34-42- Power of God behind our Purpose
- God’s Purpose Guiding Our Worldview
- Hope and Expectancy
- Freedom
2017-03-19Rev. Barry DuguidQuestions Jesus asked! ... Do you believe I am able
to do this?
Matthew 9:27-34
2017-03-26Rev. Barry DuguidUnity in the midst of discordActs 15:1-19
2017-04-02Rev. Bernard Sin信主之後 After We Believe2 Peter 1: 1-11
2017-04-09Elijah WongThe Triumphant EntryMark 11:1-11
2017-04-14Rev. Barry DuguidGood Friday Service
2017-04-16Rev. Barry DuguidThe Darkness is over! 黑暗已過John 20:10-18
2017-04-23Dr. Dennis NgienGod - the Ultimate Reality1 Peter 1:17-21Not Available, as requested by speaker
2017-04-30Rev. Tim TangWhat does it mean to “lose” our saltiness?Matt. 5:13-16Tim will be focussing on the 'salt' portion of the passage
2017-05-07Rev. Benny WongLord, increase my faith in corporate prayer!Acts 4:23-31
2017-05-14Rev. Bernard SinA Blessed WomanLuke 1:26-38To understand the godly characters of Mary and be a blessing to others. Three particular godly characters of Mary will be covered: (i) she is a woman of mature faith; (ii) she is a woman saturated with God's Word; and (iii) she is a woman who obeys God.
2017-05-21Rev. Barry DuguidLord? Lord? Are You sure?Luke 6:43-49
2017-05-28Isaac LingThe Family of God 神的家Philippians 2:1-5
2017-06-04Rev. Bernard SinThe Bread of LifeJohn 6:25-35To bring people to the awareness that we need more than physical food; we need spiritual food; we need Jesus who gives us life.
2017-06-11Rev. Barry DuguidI am the LightJohn 8:12
2017-06-18Rev. Bernard SinI am the GateJohn 10:9
2017-06-25Chris KamI am the Good ShepherdJohn 10:11
2017-07-02Rev. Barry DuguidI am the Resurrection and LifeJohn 11:25
2017-07-09Rev. Barry DuguidBefore Abraham was born I amJohn 8:58
2017-07-16Rev. Bernard SinA Fruit Bearing LifeJohn 15:1-8Big idea: To examine our life if it is bearing fruit and to understand the two essential conditions of bearing much fruit in our life -- abiding in Christ and allowing the pruning work of our heavenly Father.
2017-07-30Elijah Wong
2017-08-06Rev. Barry Duguid
2017-08-13Rev. Barry DuguidThe Holiness of God1 Peter 1:13-25
2017-08-20Rev. Barry DuguidSpiritual Success1 Peter 2:1-8
2017-08-27Rev. Barry DuguidJohn 20:24-31
2017-09-10Markus GommelGodly Principles for MigrantsExodus 19:1-6Not Available, as requested by speaker
2017-09-17Our Anointing - The Holy Spirit
2017-09-24A Spirit Filled Church
2017-10-01Dr. Ian Scott, professor at Tyndale SeminaryThe Meaning of a Quiet Christian Life1 Thess 4: 1-12
2017-10-08Rev. Dr. Bernard SinA Spirit Filled ChurchActs 2:41-47; Eph 5:15-21
2017-10-15Rev. Barry DuguidWalking in the SpiritGal. 5:16
2017-10-22Rev. Dr. Bernard SinDo not Grieve the SpiritEphesians 4:30Not Available, audio recording error
2017-10-29Rev. Barry Duguid500 Years Ago “Sola Fide”Romans 8:28-37
2017-11-05Rev. Michael TsangClimbing the Mountain of FaithGenesis 22:1-19
2017-11-12Cindy LiTreasure the Precious - Bible2 Timothy 3:16-17
2017-11-19Rev. Dr. Bernard SinSalvation in Christ AloneActs 4:12
2017-11-26Rev. Barry DuguidIt’s all of GraceEphesians 2:1-10
2017-12-03Rev. Dr. Bernard SinGlory to God aloneJohn 17:1-5
2017-12-10Missionary GordonLessons in ObedienceJonah 1:1-5, 1:15-17, 3:1-5, 4:1,5-7, 4:10-11
2017-12-17Rev. Barry DuguidAdvent - LoveLuke 2:8-20
Sermon Title
Bible Passage
Sermon Summary
Audio Link
2016-01-03Today's Date
2016-01-10Rev Barry DuguidDo not fear Suffering!Rev. 2: 8-112016-Jan-01
2016-01-17Dr. Dennis NgienThe Promises of WaitingIsaiah 40:28-31Today's Date
2016-01-24Chris KamTemptations of Spiritual Intercourse with Pagan IdolsRev 2:12-172016-Dec-31
2016-01-31Rev Bernard SinTime is Up!Rev 2:18-19
2016-02-07Prayer and Praise
2016-02-14Rev Barry DuguidThe Church of SardisRev. 3:1-6
2016-02-21Rev Barry DuguidHanging over your dreams!1 Chronicles 28:1-7
2016-02-28Elijah WongThe Church of PhiladelphiaRev. 3:7-13
2016-03-06Prayer Focus?
2016-03-13Rev Barry DuguidThe Church of LaodiceaRev. 3:14-22
2016-03-20Dr. Dennis NgienMoses' Prayer (Part 1)Psalm 90:12-17
2016-03-25ESC Good Friday morning service
2016-03-27Rev Barry Duguid
2016-04-03Isaac LingRev. 2:1-7
2016-04-10Chris KamThe Attractive Magnetism of Mature ChristlikenessEph. 4:11-16
2016-04-17Rev. Barry DuguidEph. 5:8-14
2016-04-24Dr. Dennis Ngien
2016-05-01Rev. Dr. Bernard Sin
2016-05-08Rev. Barry DuguidThree Mothers and a CoffinLuke 7:11-17
2016-05-15John FullerAt Jesus' FeetMark 2:1-12
2016-05-22Chris KamRevealing Reactions to Jesus' Disclepship InvitationLuke 9:46-62
2016-05-29Rev. Barry DuguidYou Have Been Called OutMatt. 16:13-20
2016-06-05Rev. Barry DuguidIdolatry or Truth1 Cor. 10:14-22
2016-06-12Rev. Barry DuguidHow to DiscoverGod's WillRomans 12:1-8
2016-06-19Rev. Dr. Bernard SinFatherhood of GodLuke 11:1-4
2016-06-26Elijah WongChildren of GodGalatians 3:26-29
2016-07-03David TangLord's Table
2016-07-10Rev. Barry DuguidWhat Does Caring Cost You?Luke 10:20-37
2016-07-17Rev. Joseph Wong
2016-07-24Pastor Donald YanDrink Living WaterJohn 4:7-26Not Available
2016-07-31Elijah WongA Divine EncounterExodus 3
2016-08-07Rev. Barry DuguidProud or Humble your choice. Or is it?James 4:1-15
2016-08-14Rev. Dr. Bernard SinOn a MissionMark 5:1-20Not Available
2016-08-21Chris KamThe Quality of Jesus' LifeJohn 2:3-6
2016-08-28Rev. Barry DuguidA Ready Refuge... is Our GodPsalm 46
2016-09-04Rev. Barry DuguidWorking Together in Family
2016-09-11Rev. Barry DuguidHosea - 1 - The Valley of Achor or the door of hopeHosea 1:2-8
2016-09-18Dr. Dennis NgienTrue WorshipMalachi 1:1-11Not Available
2016-09-25Dr. Michael KrauseEquipping the SaintsEphesians 4:11-16
2016-10-02Rev. Barry DuguidHosea - 2 If they are joined to idols, what should you do?Hos. 4:4-9
2016-10-09Rev. Barry DuguidOh God, help me see the blessings!Psalm 138:1-8
2016-10-16Rev. Barry DuguidHosea - 3 - Sound the trumpet, lead on O BenjaminHosea 5:8-15
2016-10-23Rev. Dr. Bernard SinHosea - 4 - Fruit which is DeathHos. 10:1-15
2016-10-30Rev. Barry DuguidHosea - 5 - Destruction and HelpHos. 13:9
2016-11-06Rev. Barry DuguidHosea - 6 - Isreal ReturningHos. 14:1-9
2016-11-13Dr. Dennis NgienNot Available
2016-11-20Rev. Barry DuguidHosea - 7 - The Dew and the PlantsHos. 14:5-6
2016-11-27Rev. Dr. Bernard SinAdvent - Hope
2016-12-04Rev. Barry DuguidAdvent - PeaceIsa. 9:6-7
2016-12-11Rev. Barry DuguidAdvent - JoyIsa. 9:1-5
2016-12-18Rev. Jack YuenAdvent - Love
2016-12-25Rev. Barry DuguidIncarnation